About us

We all met on a SA-MP server called LSRES, around 2011. As a keen scripter I was working on my own code, so when LSRES sadly shut down late 2013, I put up my server in the hopes of keeping the community and players in touch.
Due to work commitments the server kind of died, myself and a few others from the server started a community called GPG, or gold plated gaming, in mid 2014, but that project kind of fizzled out with lack of interest.
In recent months we were all chatting about bringing back the old servers, not as a full time thing, but for people to enjoy and we decided we would try and re-launch GPG, with the idea of community run servers.
The idea is that community members can host and list their servers on the site, be it SA-MP, or Minecraft, or whatever tickles their fancy, and everyone who wants to join in can do so.
There’s a forum, a Discord, a TeamSpeak, and a few other official GPG funded and run servers, and hopefully as we grow more community run servers too.